A5 Flyers – Design and Printing

A5 Xmas Flyer Image

A5 Xmas Flyer Image

The Ubiquitous A5 Flyer

You’ve seen them everywhere. On the notice board of your local supermarket, handed out in pizza shops, DIY stores, and handed out by people in the street. The A5 flyer is the perfect way to advertise your business and let potential clients and customers, see the what your company offers. With pictures and bullet points.

The heading is really the biggest seller. Avoid extra long words, so that the heading can be big and punchy – and should be sat in the top 3rd of the leaflet so that it will still be visible if placed in a counter stand.

The next element is the images. You can always use image stock photography to give a feel of your business, but if you are a small company, then actually photographs give the reader a more trusting bond – even if that photo is taken on a camera phone.

Then list a few points that give a real sense of what your business has to offer. And the contact details are vital too! Keep in mind what you want the reader to do after reading your flyer – the call to action. This maybe to keep the flyer and take it to your store, for discount or other service, or simply to call a designated number.

So remember: ask yourself what you want the reader to do. And give specific instruction on the flyer. “Call now for the best print prices in Sheffield” for example.

What is the price of an A5 flyer printed 150gsm Single side?

Well if you have already created the artwork for your leaflet, then its simply a case of uploading your design to an online printing company. Of course, if you prefer the face-to-face experience, you could use a local print shop. These are easy to find using google or bing; ‘search, Printing Company in Sheffield’ for instance.

Special Credit to Freepik

For design purposes the Flyers pictured above, montaged by me, are original artworks of Freepik.com. Here are the relevant credits to the design leaflets.

© Designed by Freepik © Designed by Freepik

© Designed by Freepik © Designed by Freepik

Printing A5 flyers for small business

When a new business starts up – a large corporation will unleash a myriad of notifications and press releases. It’s vital to let the customers and clients know your skills and your USP – what service you can offer. And obviously your value for money – expertise and finally the price.

So if your print budget is in the millions and your launch date is looming – then relax and wait for your potential clients to come knocking or calling.

Small Business A5 Flyer

OK, so I’ve just solved the issue of a multi-national. What about the man in the street, the lone business man. The entrepreneur? The local business woman? How can she get her business noticed, to advertise her new start up? Yes. The A5 flyer! Single sided or printed 2pp this handy little mobile advert is a real seller. Put them in the shop window, hand them out to friends – the A5 flyer is your go to print – and just as important as any business card.

How to design an A5 Flyer

In the next blog, I will compose a very simple single sided A5 flyer – for a new start up business. How to frame it, the important information and the best way to get it printed.

Alarm Clock Vs Freedom HD Doodle War

doodle sketch artwork picture

doodle sketch artwork picture

Doodles are very much like the Rorschach test, In fact, doodles are sometimes the stream of unconscious design, the pencil in your hand creating artwork without thinking what the final design will look like.

After looking at this sketch for 30 seconds, I have decided that it is a defensive alarm clock fighting an attack from my Freedom External Tough Drive.

Lesney Car Image Macro Picture

macro picture of model car

macro picture of model car

I love to take photos of everyday household objects. A digital camera with a reasonable macro lens – and also the depth of field setting, creates a very dramatic and interesting photograph.

This picture was shot in my old premises in Gleadless, Sheffield. An guess what the background studio element is? There orange in actually a rocking chair. Close up with a hand held Olympus Digital Camera. I was very pleased with this shot.


Doodles are a great ways to pass the time while waiting for the printer to print or for your macbook air to finish processing a large file. Here’s a selection of doodles.

Beer Cans in Wastebasket

image picture carling cans photo

image picture carling cans photo
Cans. Quiet and lonely. And yet with many little friends. After a party and the poker has finished, all that remains are the empty shells of our hard drinking night. It is bleak and yet those cans are huddled together in the wastebasket. I am a can and I can.

This was shot on a regular camera and then simply updated in photoshop, duplicating the layer and reducing the colour, it is a very easy task to mask off the mono section to reveal the blue underneath.

Night Photo, Gleadless Sheffield

gleadless sheffield night shot imagee

gleadless sheffield night shot imagee

This night photo was taken in Gleadless in in Sheffield. Taking photographs at night is always a balance between time and light. Keeping the shutter open means blurring things that move. It can spoil a photo or enhance it and we see photographists using this method for car lights or water.

The only element that moved in this shot were the clouds and just a little bit, the moon also. Therefore, I was able to retain the sharpness of the main shot, but have motion at the top, creating a very moody picture.

I visualise where my photos may be used and this one is definitely giving me the sense of an album cover.

Smoke and Mirrors used in Photography

Photo The Sheffield Tap

Photo The Sheffield Tap

Mirros and reflections are great ways to improve your photography skills and add an interesting perspective – of reflections and shapes.Furthermore, I can also a get myself in the shot too!

This photograph was taken inside the beer lounge of The Sheffield Tap. I wanted to highlight the metal and glass reflection, and give the room a grander feel. Therefore, by positioning the subject on the edge of the frame, the room looks more dramatic.

Design usage

This would look good as a small print – on photo paper, in a silver frame.

Misty Morning in Sheffield

sheffield sunrise photo

sheffield sunrise photo

This photograph shows while the sun rising was over our garden in Sheffield. The cold earth is warming up slightly, and the mist is hanging low. Because, if you are facing east at around 7am, you get to see the sun rising across the garden.

Yet the sun was trying to break through and probably would. But, would this turn into a glorious day, or will the clouds prevail?

If I was to print this out, it would have to be as a canvas print, also, the make the size 30cm x 40cm and printed on an Epson Stylus Pro cotton canvas material.

A landscape that’s wide format perfect!

sheffield landscape image

sheffield landscape image

Wide Format – the Landscape Panorama Mode

Its a great feature on any smartphone, SLR Digital camera or even a simple point and shoot, but it never seems to fit correctly on your screen for viewing purposes. You have to scroll it along, and by the time you’ve reached the middle of the shot, the viewer has turned away, bored.

OK, so let’s print it out. What options are available for printing wide format, I’d suggest not investing in new equipment, but simply take it to your local wide format printing company.

You have the option of PVC Banner materiel, standard satin paper or even canvas. Any of those would sit nicely on the wall above the sofa.

Output options with wide format printing

Take the photo in this article – it is a regular photograph of Sheffield, by me Hurst Vanrooj, and I took it to my local printer in Sheffield to produce a very nice wide format print. I chose the HP Satin 200gsm material and as you can see it looks very top quality in situ.

Graphic Design and Vector Artwork

clipart mono image

clipart mono image

There used to be a thing called clip art. First a company would commission a design for a new logo. Your first port of call would be a trusty clip art book. Mono shapes beautifully presented in a hardback book.

On the introduction of photoshop, designers moved away from this simple block effect. Either opting for layer blends, drop shadows or use of the many Photoshop Filters available.

It’s nice to look back at original clipart, especially the craftsmanship that is involved just to present a Free Offer flash on an advert.

There’s No Magic Bullet to Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Macbook air picture

SEO Macbook air picture

Website – Search Engine Optimisation is still, in the minds of some, as simple a task as adding meta tags or making a great url domain. If I were to start a printing company in Sheffield, a SEO guru from the 1990s may suggest a domain name such as printinginsheffield.com – well that kind of trick does not work now with google.

The best way to get up in the ranking is to simply write good copy. Text that fits into the area of your expertise, printing, design or creative – simply let the reader see your product.

So it’s more important to know about your printing service in Sheffield than it is to rush to register the domain.

Printed Calendar from Hong Kong

Printed Hong Kong Calendar

Chinese Calendar Design

Recently while I was in Hong Kong. First of all the lights, the food and the busy traffic, this is what people think of about this great province. Gold addition to red and powder blue are the dominant colours. It is a great colour scheme for printed buddhist paraphernalia.

And because Hong Kong is very religious you get to find some fantastic souvenirs. The calendar above was bought for about £5 and is a 370 page manifesto.

It looks great on the wall but also adds a touch of class to my designer eye and will therefore be standing proud on my bookshelf in 2017.

How it was Printed

Finally, to save money its printed on very thin paper, probably litho with 3 spot colours to the inside – black, red and blue. Old school printing, from a small local printer. It’s not a fancy digital press, yet this adds to the charm.