A landscape that’s wide format perfect!

sheffield landscape image

Wide Format – the Landscape Panorama Mode

Its a great feature on any smartphone, SLR Digital camera or even a simple point and shoot, but it never seems to fit correctly on your screen for viewing purposes. You have to scroll it along, and by the time you’ve reached the middle of the shot, the viewer has turned away, bored.

OK, so let’s print it out. What options are available for printing wide format, I’d suggest not investing in new equipment, but simply take it to your local wide format printing company.

You have the option of PVC Banner materiel, standard satin paper or even canvas. Any of those would sit nicely on the wall above the sofa.

Output options with wide format printing

Take the photo in this article – it is a regular photograph of Sheffield, by me Hurst Vanrooj, and I took it to my local printer in Sheffield to produce a very nice wide format print. I chose the HP Satin 200gsm material and as you can see it looks very top quality in situ.