Printed Calendar from Hong Kong

Printed Hong Kong Calendar

Chinese Calendar Design

Recently while I was in Hong Kong. First of all the lights, the food and the busy traffic, this is what people think of about this great province. Gold addition to red and powder blue are the dominant colours. It is a great colour scheme for printed buddhist paraphernalia.

And because Hong Kong is very religious you get to find some fantastic souvenirs. The calendar above was bought for about £5 and is a 370 page manifesto.

It looks great on the wall but also adds a touch of class to my designer eye and will therefore be standing proud on my bookshelf in 2017.

How it was Printed

Finally, to save money its printed on very thin paper, probably litho with 3 spot colours to the inside – black, red and blue. Old school printing, from a small local printer. It’s not a fancy digital press, yet this adds to the charm.